About - US

We are the service company that fully focus on Cloud Computing Solutions, delivering from Software as a service (Saas) up to platform as a service (Paas)

Saasten Technologies was founded in 2009 by some technology people who has a vision that Cloud solution will be the future solution. We believe that Cloud solution will be preferred solution by the industry in the next few decade as it delivers more flexibility, efficiency and speed. We partner with world’s best cloud solution.

We form a strong Partnership with Salesforce, world’s #1 Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider, providing selling, service and support for core CRM solution, digital marketing automation, Cloud Platform, Analytic and many more.

Saasten Technologies also expand our partnership with Zendesk to build better customer experiences through omni-channel customer service, and allows your business to have natural conversations with your customers, without letting them feel what’s going on behind the scenes.

To support your business, we also have Google Enterprise to deliver collaboration and platform cloud, ranging Google Workspace, and Google Cloud Platform.


  • – Pioneer in Cloud Computing Solution.
  • – Leading Partner of Salesforce and Google.
  • – Extensive & Proven Experience in various Industry.
  • – Fast Implementation with strong local support.

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