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About Us

We are the service company that fully focus on Cloud Computing Solutions, delivering from Software as a service (Saas) up to platform as a service (Paas)

Saasten Technologies was founded in 2009 by some technology people who has a vision that Cloud solution will be the future solution. We believe that Cloud solution will be preferred solution by the industry in the next few decade as it delivers more flexibility, efficiency and speed.

We partner with world’s best cloud solution. We form a strong Partnership with Salesforce, world’s #1 Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider, providing selling, service and support for core CRM solution, digital marketing automation, Cloud Platform, Analytic and many more. We also expand our partnership with Google Enterprise to deliver collaboration and platform cloud, ranging Google G-suite, and GCP.

  • Pioneer in Cloud Computing Solution.
  • Leading Partner of Salesforce and Google.
  • Extensive & Proven Experience in various Industry.
  • Fast Implementation with strong local support.

Product & Services

We deliver complete range of cloud products and services

Core CRM - Sales & Service

Provide a tool for contact management, sales management, productivity and more. CRM digitises processes and automated tasks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer relationship management.

Digital Marketing Automation

Through tracking and analysis of visitor behaviour, the best marketing automation software enables teams to create 1-to-1 cross-channel journeys that lead to a unified experience for the customer.

Community Portal Solution

Providing a place which acts as a heart of the system that connects users, customers and partners all operate in one place. Make your communication between your organization easier like never before.

Digital Channel and Integration

Providing a platform that manage various digital channels and allow strategic planning to be executable with the best digital channel and integration tool.

Google G-Suite Email

Through the best Mail Server in the world, connecting all platform from Google ecosystem easier. With G Suite not only just an email services but also easy-to-connect the whole Services of Google.

Customer Cloud Platform

Helps to lower costs and simplify maintenance for your company. Secure and accessible solution that helps to eliminate safety concerns. Supported by prominent Cloud Players, Salesforce and Google.

Why choose us?

Its simply because we deliver quality and value

  • Leading Partner of World Class Cloud Provider
    We believe in order to deliver the best, we need to partner with world best cloud provider. Currently, we are a Leading Partner of Salesforce and Google, prominent Cloud Players in the world.

  • Extensive & Proven Experiences
    We have Extensive and Proven Experience and Know-how in on-demand web implementation and integration in various industry.

  • Faster Implementation with “No Intricacy”
    Our team is fully certified and experienced to deliver the project with quality and speed, without giving any complexity to our customer.

  • Strong Local Support
    We deliver strong Local Implementation Support and ready 9/5 to get your solutions success implemented and fully functional.

  • We put our Customer need at First
    Delivering product according the customer needs is our priority, we're not only deliver but also enable customer to utilize the product maximal.

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More than 100


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The Team

We grow as a team, we work as a team, we deliver as a team

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