Saasten Insight Webinar Series 3

Saasten Insight is a webinar event held by Saasten Technologies by presenting various kinds of speakers from various perspectives. Carrying various themes such as digital transformation, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, to interesting tips that you can ask directly with experts.


Conversational design for rapid global rollouts, done in multiple languages is an enigma. Most conversational AI initiatives are unconnected and can’t roll out new functionality. 

Saasten Technologies hosted Saasten Insight series 3 Rethink Automation Resilience with Conversational Artificial Intelligence Transformation.

In collaboration with Bahasa AI as one of the leading chatbot providers in Indonesia, find out how conversational artificial intelligence affects the worksplace and workload.

Register today and get a chance to get an OVO voucher worth IDR 200K for 3 winners during the QnA Session!

In this webinar we will discuss more about : 

Leveraging chatbot for Artificial Intelligence

How to maximizing automation tools for customer experience

How artificial intelligence affect worksplace and workload

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