Not only is Twistellar able to strictly follow your mockup and build all components where you want them, we’ll also gladly suggest successful alternatives or improvements of UI design based on our rich experience in versatile CRM projects all over the world, including the most sophisticated implementations.

Lightning is already the most demanded Salesforce environment, and though it may still be sometimes too complicated in terms of its compatibility and performance adjustments, that’s the next visual standard of Salesforce. So if you’re developing some new functionality or an application — you’d better make sure it’s Lightning-ready. With Twistellar you can utilize our deep expertise in successful creation of even the most complicated Lightning solutions.

We’re convinced that visual representation of information expedites its comprehension and saves costs for interaction with CRM. Our company masters not only standard instruments of graphical data display and reporting, we’ve also built our own dynamic interactive charts system for Salesforce, and we’re ready to bring your dashboards to the next level.

We’re always aiming at improving user experience to raise adoption. So, we’ll be happy to diagnose your org and together with you define the most commonly used functional sequences. Twistellar’s Salesforce configuration and customization services include making simple UI improvements that will save your company labor costs for timely CRM updating and build more user-friendly interface.

Sometimes, creating an optimal interface from the user’s perspective in the same time means solving a challenging architectural task, as Lightning itself is quite demanding, and building applications for it and their customization and configuration are even more complicated.


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